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About Us

Hangzhou deep through wire mesh Co., the main production and sales ofpolyester. Nylon 24 heads - 420 mesh screen maximum width of 3200cm, the company has the world's most advanced production equipment: Swiss P7100P7150 projectile loom 84 Taiwan, Germany intelligent warping machine shapingmachine washing machine and advanced inspection machine. The company'sraw materials are imported.

The products are mainly used in: the paper plate glass ceramic printing,electronics, circuit board printing, garment printing and dyeing, fabric printing,chemical filtration, fry breeding etc..

The company also produces all kinds of custom aluminum screen frame,aluminum complete production order all kinds of drying rack thousand layer rackshelves are welcome to order.

Agent: Alexander the great American high-grade photoptic gum, mold powder,imported and domestic brand-name scraper autotype Tian Ling HarukiTaipingqiao field various sticking glue, yellow glue glue single, all kinds of printing ink Valet net precision plate making, selling all kinds of screen printing materials,net machine, printer, screen printing machine, screen printing equipment.

Hangzhou deep through wire mesh Co., I plant products are divided into metal mesh, metal welding, metal mesh panel, metal wire four major categories, leading products, stainless steel wire mesh, fencing wire mesh, building mesh, mesh,used in papermaking crimped wire mesh, chain link fence, wire mesh and wire mesh products, mining, the six corners of the network, transport belt,architectural decoration mesh, welded wire mesh, perforated metal mesh, steel plate mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, wire mesh, wire mesh, metal wire, dozens of varieties, thousands of specifications.

Products are widely used in various fields of railway and highway guardrail, the plant site isolation, coal, construction, decoration, petroleum, chemical, medical,aerospace, culture etc..

Reliable product quality from raw material selection, each production link to this purpose in our factory. The "people-oriented, winning with quality" is ourbusiness philosophy. "Excellent quality, low price, considerate service" to make our factory has become the most competitive metal wire mesh and wire mesh fence suppliers, management and service by the user's trust.